Mind Over Body - With Dr. Deborah Hill

April 27, 2022
More than three decades ago, back in the 1980’s, Dr. Deborah Hill was the director of the West Burbank Chiropractic Center. In the eight years she held that position, she managed to create and fully develop Myoprobe Therapy, a therapy that eliminates pain and produces a full range of movement for arthritis sufferers and pain sufferers in general. The best part is, it can be done without the use of drugs and chemicals that sometimes cause harm to patients.

More recently, Dr. Deborah Hill has developed what she refers to as the Shield Method, which can lead to greater personal control over what the mind tries to force them to do. It is very effective, for example, when it comes to weight loss. The Shield Method forms the basis for her creation of the Shielders Company. The Method relies on the premise that people can use their "super willpower" to overcome innate urges to do certain things that are not great for a healthy life. Making life better is what Dr. Deborah Hill is all about.

Using the Shield Method to Save Lives With Dr. Deborah Hill

October 23, 2021
Currently, the Shielders Company, which was founded and continues to be run by Los Angeles, California-based chiropractor Dr. Deborah Hill, operates in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, although Dr. Hill hopes to bring the company and her highly valued Shield Method nationwide very soon. The Shield Method, which she developed from scratch, is a program designed to promote greater personal control to many lives, which will aid in weight loss and also help clients quit smoking, drinking and engaging in other behaviors detrimental to health.

Under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Hill, the hope is for the Shielders Company to become be a huge entrepreneurial success. So far, she has overseen two clinical studies of the Shield Method for weight loss and the results have been very promising. She is currently in the process of conducting the third and final clinical trial in advance of its national release, which is imminent. Then, because she’s a giving person, she will invite those who participated in the first two trials to participate in the finalized program, in appreciation for their efforts.